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[audio]E100-32: 1 Samuel 8:1 - 10:27: Plus ça change ;( - Dr Tim Bulkeley
This is the story in which we hear the interface between Judges, "Everyone did as they saw fit, for there was no king in Israel", and the story of the Hebrew kingdoms. In these few chapters there is loads of good stuff to notice (for a start try): Humour in the Bible: Part 1: Introducing Saul Humour in the Bible: Part 2: Still Introducing Saul Direct speech in biblical narratives But this time I'll restrain myself, and just mention one or two neat narrative details...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-36: 2 Samuel 11:1 - 12:25: David and Bathsheba? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
These two chapters mark the turning point in David's story. They offer vital clues also to how we "read" biblical narratives. * Nathan's story within a story provides hints, abouit the nature of narrative meaning * David's strange behaviour during his child's illness and on his death provides both a clue to an interpretative rule, and some good practice :)
Keywords: 2 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative; Bathsheba; David
Downloads: 59
[audio]E100-31: 1 Samuel 1:1 - 3:21: On not missing the voice in the darkness - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Three great chapters, full of well crafted narrative, with a stirring song thrown in! There is too much detail to notice in the way these stories are told, you'll have to watch for the fun yourselves. In this 'cast I'll focus more on the song, and not so much on its detail as overall how it works. (For more background on this see my Why Read the Bible? Dreams and visions which is part of a longer series of reflections on Lost Treasures of the Bible: reading "from another place": reading for a ch...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative; Samuel; Hannah
Downloads: 23
[audio]E100-34: 1 Samuel 23:7 - 24:22: Two noble opponents - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Just when you begin to wonder if any Bible story is really suitable for simple Sunday School reading, and have begun to suspect that the Bible has no message but: Humans are broken and need mending, humnans are sinful and therefore they keep spoiling God's lovely world and hurting each other. Along comes a story to remind us of another truth... Just as the story of Ruth followed the grime of Judges, so now in 1 Samuel 24 we get a story, set amid the war and political jostling of the beginnings o...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative; Saul; David
Downloads: 14
[audio]E100-33: 1 Samuel 16:1 -€“ 18:16: Slain in the Spirit - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Yes, like some of the Bible writers, I just can't resist a pun, especially if it really does help carry the message :) And in this case I think it does, more specifically after we have noticed quickly some of the good stuff in the famous David and Goliath story of David and Goliath. For this podcast, perhaps as homework, you might want to play with a computer Bible... and you might also want to return to the comments, and discuss the vexed question of the nature of blasphemy against the Holy Spi...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Narrative; biblical narrative; Matthew; pun
Downloads: 18
[audio]E100: Week 7: Bible stories for adults - Dr Tim Bulkeley
If you thought Bible stories were for children, nice little tales with a nice little moral at the end, then you probably have not been following the E100 up to this point, and you certainly have not been reading the bits the organisers censored out! Bible stories are NOT like that, rather they tell in the most realistic way possible the stories of real people, who we must watch, listen to and then work out how we'll respond...
Keywords: bible; narrative; narrative books; adults; bible stories
Downloads: 843
[audio]Typescenes and the book of Ruth - Tim Bulkeley
Typescene sounds like a typical technical term scholars use make Bible stories dull :( In this podcast I hope to show you it's exactly the opposite and that by spending 5 minutes learning about typescenes you can discover a livelyness you may have missed, even in a well-loved story like Ruth. (Other passage you should have ready, or look at before listening are: Genesis 24; 29 & Exodus 2:15ff..)
Keywords: Exodus; Genesis; Narrative; Ruth
Downloads: 21
[audio]Exodus 32: Who dunnit? - Tim Bulkeley
Until Jeremy of Free Old Testament audio mentioned it the other day in his Exodus 32 - Who Brought the People out of Egypt? I had never really noticed how this text, the "Golden Calf" episode, offers three different answers to the question: Who brought Israel out of Egypt! When there are "rough edges" like this in a text it is a critic's job, any sort of critic worth their salt, to pick at them and hope to see more of how or why the text is constructed...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies
Downloads: 20
[audio]Biblical Narrative: Fraught with Background: Genesis 24 - Tim Bulkeley
Eric Auerbach's famous quote about Biblical Narrative being "fraught with background" can sound puzzling. Here I'll try to explain it with reference to some trivial but intriguing details in Genesis 24. Reading the chapter in the Hebrew class we spotted several minor details in the telling that suggest, or hint ;) well, listen and find out what!
Keywords: bible; narrative; narratology; genesis
Downloads: 110
[audio]Babbling about Babel: Gen 11:1-9: Part 1 - Tim Bulkeley
Stephen suggested I do a 'cast about the Babel story, so here it is :) a first 'cast about Babel. In this one I'll begin with points of view and language. Since this will have to be a series we'll follow up from there later! For more about "point of view" and "frames" you could see my Introduction to Narrative and Narrative Poetics which is not as technical as it may sound!
Keywords: genesis; narrative; biblical studies
Downloads: 23
[audio]Ruth is from Moab, but Boaz is from Bethlehem - Tim Bulkeley
After looking at Direct speech in biblical narratives and especially how the manner of speaking characterises Boaz and Naomi in the book of Ruth and a side glance at the question of whether Ruth's very arrival at Boaz' field was chance or not (in Chance or Providence?) I'd like now to suggestthat thinking more deeply about how Ruth is portrayed in chapter 2 can add a sharpness and richness to the story...
Keywords: Gender; Narrative; Reading; Ruth
Downloads: 20
[audio]Twisted tales: or should the book of Judges be censored? - Tim Bulkeley
Judges is definitely not suitable for Sunday School reading, the bits that are told are firmly censored, and few of us go back to notice what we are missing. But, if we do, what we find is a book chock full of horrid twisted tales, brutal, brutish and sadly not short. Why? Can such a nasty collection of stories be justified, or should it simply be banned?
Keywords: Judges; Narrative; Sex; bible
Downloads: 25
[audio]E100-30: Ruth 1:1 - 4:22: At last a nice story! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Well, Judges was thoroughly censored for E100, as it is for most church use, the bits we got were the rare good bits, cf. my Twisted tales: or should the book of Judges be censored? (which got me into trouble with a fundamentalist who could not be bothered to actually listen to what I was saying before condemning me to hell - so it may be worth listening to ;) Ruth is about âredemptionâ, the need for husband for Ruth and so a baby to continue the âhouse of Elimelekâ and to provide for the tw...
Keywords: ruth; reading; narrative; biblical
Downloads: 28
[audio]Cliché Theology: Joshua 11:1-9 - Tim Bulkeley
Sometimes a good old-fashioned cliché is the best way to achieve your desired effect, and communicate your theological message. I'll illustrate this using Joshua 11:1-9. The story of how Jabin of Hazor and all his allied kings were defeated by Joshua and Israel. (With some help from their friend!)
Keywords: cliche; theology; joshua; narrative; bible
Downloads: 29
[audio]E100-35: 2 Samuel 5:1 - 7:29: Bible stories have depth! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Bible stories, with a few exceptions (maybe some parables for example) do NOT have nice neat "morals". If you want to say "and the moral of the story is..." don't read the Bible. But by contrast if you want people with real depth, who make it difficult for us to work out what their motives are, and therefore hard to simply place them in appropriate "boxes", the Bible is the book for you :) In this reading we'll notice depth and complexity in two of the less central characters, Michal and Nathan...
Keywords: 2 Samuel; narrative; Bible stories
Downloads: 40
[audio]Jonah 1:3-5 : What’s Jonah doing?! - Tim Bulkeley
The puzzle of Jonah's actions, and other strange goings-on don't stop in Jonah 1:3, but deepen (pun intended) as we begin to read on ;) we meet the ship that had plans of its own and hear echoes of Santa Claus in the telling of Jonah's story ;)
Keywords: jonah; narrative; biblical studies; bible
Downloads: 18
[audio]Jonah 1:2: three little words - Tim Bulkeley
Continuing the series on Jonah, we rush ahead into the second verse of the book, only to spot yet again possibly more than one meaning. Jonahâs task however is clear. By the way I am sorry about the long delays recently, I hope to post more regularly again, but not till after enjoying a two week holiday - starting on Sunday.
Keywords: jonah; narrative; biblical studies; bible
Downloads: 18
[audio]E100-19: Exodus 12: A great festival, but a huge theological problem - Dr Tim Bulkeley
I'm torn two ways on how to respond to this reading: * on one side, a great opportunity to explain Passover, the great festival that celebrates God as liberator, saviour and enimy of powerful oppressors * on the other, when I read (the Bible or the Newsâ¦) I tend to sympathise with those who suffer, and while in earlier chapters that's the Israelites, here I feel the pain of bereaved Egyptian parents â how can the God who we have discovered so far in Genesis commit such a barbarous act? There...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; passover
Downloads: 21
[audio]Direct speech in biblical narratives - Tim Bulkeley
There are many ways in which the story-tellers of the Bible ensure that their tellings are lively and engaging. One is through the way they report speech. There is usually more "direct speech" (where the words of a character are "quoted") then "indirect speech" (where the teller tells us the gist of what the character said). This direct speech is often skillfully crafted to give a lively and rich portrayal of the person...
Keywords: 1 Samuel; Jonah; Narrative; Ruth
Downloads: 48
[audio]E100-14: Genesis 43-44: The tension mounts - Tim Bulkeley
In these chapters we see again very strongly that we are not told by the text how to understand people's actions, in these chapters we have to judge Joseph and his brothers, using the knowledge of good, evil and everything in between that is part of our experience as children of Eve and of Adam. And in this reading motives are far from clear cut!
Keywords: bible; genesis; e100; narrative; gapping
Downloads: 19
[audio]Sexual humour in Esther - Tim Bulkeley
The book of Esther tells a terrible story, of attempted genocide averted. Too often Christian readers miss the humour in the story, of course some of it is sex related, and/or poking fun at gender expectations, so perhaps there are reasons for the blindness.
Keywords: esther; sex; humour; homor; bible; narrative
Downloads: 45
[audio]E100-16: Exodus 1-2: Naming names - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In reading (by which I mean understanding, making sense of) these chapters weâll find that noticing unusual details, things that stick out, can be a real clue to what is important. Naming, and not naming, are really significant here, not least that God is not named â oh, Godâs talked about, but âGodâ is a title or description not a name, this âGodâ will get a name in the next chapter⦠Here, too, well find that hearing echoes of other parts of Scripture can be strong clues to meaning...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-27: Judges 4:1 -€“ 5:31: Deborah -€“ a twice-told tale - Dr Tim Bulkeley
The story of Deborah, the prophetess and judge, is one of those biblical stories told to us twice, first in a prose narrative and then in a poetic celebration (the Exodus crossing of the sea in Ex 14 & 15 provides another example). In this case the details, what Western minds call "facts" and worship above all other sorts of information, are strikingly different between the two tellings: * In chapter 4: there is a focus on Canaanite oppression of the people of Israel, the battle concerns particu...
Keywords: judges; deborah; poetry; prose; narrative; bible
Downloads: 24
[audio]Chance or Providence? - Tim Bulkeley
Often in biblical narrative things "just seem to happen", rather like they do in our lives ;) But are such "happenings" chance or divine providence at work? We'll try to decide, using Gen 37:12ff. (read with Gen 39) and Ruth 2 as examples.
Keywords: Gapping; Genesis; Narrative; Ruth; biblical studies
Downloads: 24
[audio]E100-76: Acts 9:1 - 9:31: The Road to Damascus - Dr Tim Bulkeley
"The Road" or "The Way" common Biblical picture language for a way of life or the direction we are "going", but it is also used several times in Acts (almost, or probably, only in Acts) as a name for being a Christian. It is a good name because metanoia, repentance, is about turning round and going a different way. Acts also is a book about journeys, with lots of individual voyages, and also the journey of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome - from Jewish sect to global faith...
Keywords: E100; Acts; Narrative; Paul; Way
Downloads: 10
[audio]E100 week 4: Exodus 1-18: Freed from other masters - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In this podcast, before looking at the passages selected for week 4, Iâll do a quick overview of what I think we should have noticed from Genesis (a sort of 30 second recap of weeks 1-3 ;) Then Iâll try to set the scene for week 4, which covers the story of the Exodus. Phrasing it that way though is perhaps not the best summary of Exodus 1-18. After listening to my podcast maybe you can suggest a better one?
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; slavery
Downloads: 12
[audio]E100-37: 1 Kings 2:1 - 3:28: The great and wise king Solomon - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In just two chapters we get some of the most beautiful and inspiring, and some of the grubbiest and most bloodthirsty stories in the Bible. It is no wonder that telling the stories of David (with Saul and Solomon and perhaps the rest) as a serial, like a soap opera has the audience panting for more :) In this podcast I'll again point to clues to how we can, and (often of more use) how we should NOT "read" Bible stories...
Keywords: 1 Kings; Solomon; biblical; narrative; bible study
Downloads: 54
[audio]E100-38: 1 Kings 8:1 - 9:9: Solomon and the temple - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Solomon's prayer understands that Yahweh is a different God, the gods (like Ba'al and his crowd) lived in the sky â and lanced thunderbolts down on people they disliked - heaven/sky was like the earth only bigger and better. When Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space Russian leader Nikita Khrushchev said "Gagarin flew into space, but didn't see any God there". Solomon's prayer sees the stupidity of Krushchev - how could the creator of universes be see from a measly 302Kms from earth? But...
Keywords: 1 Kings; Solomon; biblical; narrative; bible study
Downloads: 58
[audio]E100-18: Exodus 6-11: The big fight - Dr Tim Bulkeley
What else could we call it? God vs. Pharaoh, it's a foregone conclusion â exceptâ¦
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God; Yahweh; name of God
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-39: 1 Kings 16:29 - 19:18: The big fight at Mt Carmel - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Since this is a gripping, but well-known, story what I'll try to do in this podcast is show you how a bit of context (see here for more on context and understanding the Bible). I'll also tell you God's two nicknames, in some religious traditions knowing all a god's names is really important, in Hinduism the god Vishnu has 1,000 names, in Islam there is a tradition that God has 99 names. Yahweh the God the Bible talks about has kicknames as well as formal names! A couple of photos to illustrate t...
Keywords: 1 Kings; elijah; mt carmel; biblical; narrative; bible study
Downloads: 16
[audio]E100-40: 2 Kings 25:1 - 25:30: The holy city falls - Dr Tim Bulkeley
Today's is a grim reading. But such brutality was not unusual in the Ancient Near East. The Assyrians, for example, when they captured the Judean city of Lachish after a siege in 701BC impaled the surviving leaders outside the city, and left a mass grave of 1,500 people (mainly women and children). Despite what one might even see as gentle treatment of the city by the Babylonians in 586, the fall of Jesusalem marked Hebrew thought deeply because it was God's city, their last toehold of political...
Keywords: 2 Kings; Jerusalem; biblical; narrative; bible study; exile
Downloads: 43
[audio]E100-59: Luke 10:25 - 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
OK this story must be one of the best-known that Jesus ever told, everyone has heard it! And if not (at least if they speak English or French or just about any other European language) they know the main characterâs name â The Good Samaritan. Except that, what we know if we know this, is all wrong! Jesus was a prophet so to understand what heâs doing here we need to remind ourselves how Prophets work...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Luke; NT; Narrative; Parable; Prophets; Righteousness
Downloads: 14
[audio]E100-17: Exodus 3-4: Getting the holy between your toes! - Dr Tim Bulkeley
What matters, what really matters, is getting the holy between our toes. In this reading we discover Moses getting on first name terms wiuth God, and what (perhaps) God's name means. This is "holy ground" even compared to most other parts of the Bible, so take your shoes off, and listen. No, God's name yhwh does not just mean the 'One who is' and it for sure does not mean "Don't ask, because I won't tell you!" but to find out what more I think it means listen in ;)
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; theology; God; Yahweh; name of God
Downloads: 30
[audio]An Introduction to Gapping - Tim Bulkeley
Gapping, where hearers have to "fill in" information that is missing in the text, is a really significant part of biblical story-telling. So, I'll need to introduce the idea to next year's Biblical Narrative class. Normally we "gap" unconsciously, and not just when reading narratives as I hope I'll show you in this podcast. We'll also begin to think about what makes gapping more - or less - legitimate...
Keywords: 2 corinthians; gapping; narrative; interpretation; bible; biblical studies
Downloads: 21
[audio]E100-20: Exodus 13-14: Crossing the Reed Sea - Dr Tim Bulkeley
In this podcast we'll notice just how firmly this passage tells us that the miracle at the Reed Sea* was indeed entirely a miracle. We'll notice how good source critics were/are at spotting small discrepancies in texts, but also how little the composers of the Bible seemed to care about detail, concerned with things that matter (relationships, especially and particularly our relationship with God) rather than "facts" which are merely of secondary importance...
Keywords: exodus; narrative; biblical studies; red sea; reed sea
Downloads: 19
[audio]E100-59: Luke 10:25 - 10:37: The Good Samaritan, or is it? - Dr Tim Bulkeley
OK this story must be one of the best-known that Jesus ever told, everyone has heard it! And if not (at least if they speak English or French or just about any other European language) they know the main characterâs name â The Good Samaritan. Except that, what we know if we know this, is all wrong! Jesus was a prophet so to understand what heâs doing here we need to remind ourselves how Prophets work...
Keywords: E100; Jesus; Luke; Narrative; NT; Parable; Prophets; Righteousness good Samaritan; Jesus; Luke; Parable; prophet
Downloads: 73
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